how to write hen in chinese

Chinese character and stroke order animation "How do I write ? ( hen ) correctly?" The strokes that all Chinese characters are composed of are to be written in a certain order which has originally been defined by Chinese calligraphy. ... More

how to set up my brother printer

I recently purchased a Brother HL-3170CDW. The first thing I wanted to do was join it to our wireless network but quickly I discovered that the Brother settings were a bit confusing (and I’ve set up … ... More

how to wear s scarf

With temperatures dropping, you’re probably seeing blanket scarves everywhere. It’s one of winter’s biggest accessories, spotted on celebrities, bloggers, and in store windows everywhere, but if you’re still not sure what it is (let alone how to wear one) you came to the right place. ... More

how to show battery percentage on iphone 6

How to Display Battery Percentage on iPhone in this age of technology, where one constantly uses their phone, battery drains quite quickly. It is a good idea to keep a track of your battery to avoid situations where you can run out of battery ... More

how to help a friend stop drinking alcohol

17/01/2009 · It's important to know that you can't help your friend--only she can do that, and if she's serious about drinking, then it will almost certainly require some … ... More

how to get pokemon emerald cheats to work

*****first cheats are from code breaker***** NOTE: chests were note written by me I give my self no credit in the writing of the cheats only the publication to public ENJOY...etc. SOME LEGENDARY POKEMON AT BOTTOM NEED TO TURN ON MASTER FOR THE MODIFIER TO WORK...YOU CAN ALSO GET LVL 50-100 POKEMON BY ENTERING THIS CHEAT CODE: ... More

how to turn images to wireframe

Mainly because images and text distract your vision when you’re trying to figure out the best layout possible. You may also want to compare different layouts and having everything mocked up on wireframe instead of screencaptured may provide a more unbiased view of things. ... More

how to turn comments off on auto cad file

4/06/2008 · Blocks won't turn off If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. ... More

how to open spotlight search

I have an application that will play a series of radio stations by choosing them from a drop down menu. Ideally I'd like to add some code, so that a spotlight search that would return any of the it... ... More

how to turn on power frigid cleft

The first time the player talks to Wigglytuff, they are given Mist-Rise Forest and the Wild Plains Friend Area. Magnemite also requests that they be given the Power Plant area so it can join the rescue team. ... More

how to set asiasat 3s satellite

Star plus dish scrambled channel on asiasat. I have supermax 9200 powerplus and there are scrambled channels like animal planet what can i do to open scrambled channels on dish and to watch other ... More

samsung galaxy s5 lcd damaged how to tell

Samsung Galaxy Repairs Price List SAMSUNG GALAXY, SAMSUNG HANDSETS AND SAMSUNG TABLET PRICE LIST - SCREEN REPLACEMENT * All prices include GST, Parts, Labour and GENUINE parts (unless otherwise stated) How do we offer just glass replacement at a lower cost and still claim to use genuine Samsung parts? Well, it is a well-kept trade secret of ours that we have been doing for … ... More

how to stop your iphone upating in progress

You can also stop an update in progress by clicking the "Windows Update" option in the Control Panel, and then clicking the "Stop" button. References How To Geek: How to Change and Manually Start and Stop Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8 ... More

how to tell real gold necklace

A less reliable method of determining whether a necklace is real gold examines the quality inscription or stamping (hallmark). There is more deceptive stamping today than in former times, said David West Nytch, a New York master goldsmith and gemologist. ... More

how to set up voicemail on htc desire 530

Set up your phone for text messaging : HTC Desire 530 A text message is a message that can be sent to other mobile phones. Your phone can send and … ... More

how to get motivated to work out and lose weight

How To To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Exercising To Burn Fat How To To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Burning Fat Tea Gnc Fat Burner Pills For Men Pills That Burn Belly Fat In Women How Can I Know If My Body Burns Fat Or Carbs Of course it is a combination of efforts on all fronts that inevitably achieve your desired weight loss, a healthy diet ... More

how to watch movies from android to tv

14/01/2017 · one of my TV have the XBOX but when that someone playing games one the XBOX i can not watch the rent i have rent when someone else playing at my XBOX in the house, and would like to go to another room for watch movies and that room dosent have XBOX just Android TV. ... More

how to write an essay intrduction

Writing the introduction to an essay will be much, much easier if you take time before you start writing to get organized. Part of the reason students often find introductions so difficult is that they aren't really sure what they want to say. ... More

how to use google play gift card

PC players can get PayPal gift card to earn free V-Bucks PS4 players can get a PSN Store gift card to earn free V-Bucks Android players can get a Google Play Store gift card ... More

how to use carby cleaner and throttle body liquid

Release the end of the throttle cable from the carby so all the gunk doesn’t get flushed into it when you clean out the cable. Attach a cable luber to the top end of the cable and spray contact cleaner into it to flush out the sand and dirt. ... More

how to stop the corruption in terraria digging

Fix to stop the item in hand being changed when traveling to/from the Nether. Fix for compass not pointing to the original spawn point after having been in the Nether. Fix to allow players to be able to eat food even if they are not allowed to build and mine. ... More

how to send money from south africa to india

Today's exchange rates updated 9th Jan 2019 09:09 (1 South African Rand = 5.06 Indian Rupee - 1 ZAR = 5.06 INR) Need to send money to India from South Africa? ... More

how to send pictures through icloud

Though, if you wish to transfer iCloud photos to Android using your PC, you can follow these steps. To start with, download iCloud for Windows and complete the installation. Launch the application whenever you wish to move iCloud photos to Android. ... More

how to take clomid and provera

All my hormones are within normal range, some normal high, but the doctor is going to have me take Clomid. My question is, since I am not having a period, he wants me to take Provera to induce a period, so I can start taking the it necessary to take the Provera, or can I just request to start taking the Clomid. Also last quick question...Why do some doctors want you to take the ... More

how to write a happy song

How to: write a happy song, find out baseball scores in the year 1990 (trust us on this one), and look like a pro at the poker table. Also: Round 5 of the World’s Best Worst Song contest. ... More

tips on how to work with butter cream

Buttercream is made by creaming butter until pale with icing sugar, vanilla and milk. This soft, buttery icing can be spread over a cake or piped into patterns. ... More

how to use iusb pro

Press releases and the use of the IU South Bend logo must be approved by OCM. The campus website, Daily The campus website, Daily Titan, and other distribution channels are also available for promotion of your event through OCM. ... More

how to stop green slime in fish tank

Normally a problem in the first weeks of setting up a new system. This is suspended algae we are talking about, if you were to dip a glass into your fish tank and fill it with water then hold it up, the water looks very green and is hard to see through it. ... More

how to use tiger balm for stuffy nose

Count on this herbal pain relieving ointment trusted by millions worldwide! With its refreshing and soothing scent, Tiger Balm White Ointment provides relief for ailments such as headaches, stuffy nose, insect bites, itchiness, muscular aches and pains, sprains, and flatulence. ... More

how to stop procrastinating site

Alternatively, if you're interesting in automating news from Reddit and HackerNews to stop procastinating on these sites, Boardlerts is one such solution. Procrastinating and Social Media Social media sites can become pretty addictive. ... More

how to use the research table in raft

Nope, just go into the research table, click and drag over what you want to add to your list of researched ingredients. Once all the ingredients of a recipe are researched, hit LEARN next to the recipe. And BAM! new craftable item. ... More

how to solve exponential equations with e

We can solve exponential equations with base e, by applying the natural logarithm of both sides because exponential and logarithmic functions are inverses of each other. See [link] and [link] . ... More

how to see who logged into rdp

3. go to your collections - you will see the active users, and you can right click on a user and log them off. There doesn't seem to be a messaging function in here, like there used to be.. does anyone know how to message the users without using the command line? ... More

how to teach conflict in literature

Conflict is essential to fiction, and so even a short passage for the AP English Literature exam generally depicts at least one instance of unrest. A character’s approach to the conflict, as well as its origin and resolution, may be the subject of AP English Literature questions. ... More

windows maps how to use the pen tool withiout touchscreen

The feature comes with three special apps that work with a digital pen and is meant for touchscreen laptops or tablets. The built-in apps feature post-it notes, a sketch pad, and a screen capture and annotation tool. You can use the feature to find more apps built to work with Windows Ink. If you don’t have a touch screen laptop or a Surface tablet, you can still use Windows Ink with a ... More

how to start a crisis management firm

Whether you are working for an established crisis hotline or putting together a group of volunteers to start your own, Specialty’s crisis management answering service can help expand your reach, making your services more easily accessible to those in need. ... More

how to travel from heathrow to gatwick

About Bus Travel Bus Travel Tips. Meet and talk to locals at the bus stations while traveling from Heathrow to Gatwick.There is no better way to get inside travel information while exploring a new city than to go straight to its people. ... More

how to charge lg g watch without cradle

Even though the G Watch R was the best looking rugged smart watch to be released as the time it seems most shittiest of products. Thumbs down to LG. Thumbs down to LG. My watch worked fine, until it decided to die all of a sudden while on my hand, thought there is no juice left,but even though charging/changing cradles and chargers it did nothing. ... More

how to write the most amazing philosophy essay university

The most important starting point is to listen carefully to what the essay title is telling you. The guidance given to you by the title is freely available, and is your best clue as to what is required in the essay. ... More

how to turn on color in pokemon red

24/02/2009 · When I see gameplay of pokemon red or blue on emulators, it is either completely black and white, tinted red/blue, or colored in the style of pokemon yellow (ie. pikachus are actually yellow, pigeots are brown, squirtles are blue). ... More

how to write an almost kiss scene

Don't you ever get that itch or sense of awkwardness whenever you write a kissing scene? It has to be absolutly perfect in order to prevent that specific scene from sound really dumb, too simple, unexpressive, or, in some cases, a little too sexual... In all good, well-put together kissing scenes ... More

how to start a lawn business

Chris Senger, owner of Mow Town Edmonton, bought a used mower in 2016, and quickly turned it into a thriving business with two full time crews by offering superior customer service. ... More

how to turn off slow motion payday 2

Vertical sync is probably the culprit here.Try disabling it, AND if that does not work try setting a frame limit below your usually frame rate eg: you have steady 62 fps, set limit to 60. ... More

how to see current graphics card

How to Check the Video Card in a Computer by Maxwell Payne ; Double click on that listing to view the current video card. It may be listed under the heading "Display Adapters." You will be able to view the name and model of the video card in a drop down menu. Check the Video Card on a Mac. Click on the Apple icon in the top right corner of the screen. Select "About this Mac." Click on the ... More

how to write a poetry journal

Write in response to a poem you’ve read. This is called a response poem. Learn more here. Try our writing workshop. Poet Damian Rogers will take you through a month of writing practices. Even if you only write one poem, submit it to our poetry journal, VOICES. You may become a published poet! ... More

how to send text from computer to verizon phone

If you are not near a phone, but you are near a computer, you can still contact someone's cell phone by sending them a text message. This can be done through your email program. ... More

how to buy and sell stocks daily

When you buy pullbacks off the daily with consecutive lower highs (long positions), you will see that the stock is in a downtrend on the 60 minute chart. You are looking for … ... More

how to take off acne scars fast

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Fast. If you want to get rid of acne scars fast, first of all you have to be consistent in your treatment. Don’t jump around or skip days – … ... More

how to use rti act in india

India’s RTI Act is internationally recognized as a strong and effective law. Over the last six years, the RTI has been used extensively by ordinary Indian citizens to demand a … ... More

how to use computer vision toolbox in matlab

28/04/2017 · We will focus on the Computer Vision System Toolbox. About the Presenter: Bruce Tannenbaum works on image processing and computer vision applications in technical marketing at MathWorks. ... More

how to delete search words on ps4

PS4: Learn How to Delete Games and Free up Disk space PlayStation 4 has a capacity of 500 GB of storage space, and this appears to be sufficient. However, several … ... More

how to tell weak or strong acid based of pka

10/08/2007 · For people here for the CPR assignment: The goal of this experiment is to determine the pKa of an unknown weak acid. This can be done by using the concept that pH = pKa at the half equivalence point of an acid-base titration. ... More

garuru.exe how to use

18/02/2010 · USE THE FORM USE THE FORM USE THE FORM PLEASE USE THE FORM RIGHT! Just c/p the forms I give you and edit them in your own post so I don't have to infract you within this thread and rage at your fail. Just c/p the forms I give you and edit them in your own post so I don't have to infract you within this thread and rage at your fail. ... More

how to set keyboard shortcuts for extensions in chrome

I've created a basic extension for Google Chrome to change the behavior of which tab is selected when you close a tab so that the selected tab is the last one you had selected instead of just the one ... More

how to set up a coleman pop up camper

5. Pull the handie of the tongue jack up and rotate the handle in a clockwise motion to lift the trailer tongue up and off the ball hitch. 6. To prevent interference during the set up of the trailer. ... More

how to write a game review australia high school

The university is one of the largest in Australia for creative arts (5,212 students) and has a high satisfaction rate (84%). Queensland University of Technology The Creative, Design and Performance program at QUT is ranked 2nd in Australia for Creative Arts. ... More

how to feel better after a one night stand

You've cheated. Maybe it was a one-night stand spurred on by too much alcohol and impaired decision-making. Maybe it was an on-going affair with a friend or colleague. ... More

how to use lathe tools

Commercial Parting Tools There is a wide variety of commercial parting tools available from tool suppliers, but most are too large to use on the 7x10. Harbor Freight sells a 5/16" parting tool (P/N 37034-0VGA, $5.99) but the top of the blade is actually about 1/16" above the center line of the 7x10. ... More

how to use seo on blogger

The Blogger's Guide to SEO - by Aaron & Giovanna Wall. SEO for a blog is different than SEO for most other websites, largely because of the social elements baked into blogging technology. SEO for blogs is less about buying links or tricking inadequate search technology. SEO for blogs is more focused on giving people something to talk about and creating something worthy of attention. The ... More

how to use pokemon black cheats on desmume

A 'real' DS can use the gba slot to play gba games, but desmume does not emulate this. But a 'real' DS can also use the gba slot to access gba roms and sram so that ds games can import savefiles, and that part is emulated by desmume. (please note that this is reportedly buggy for some games, including pokemon) If you are looking for a Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator, perhaps you can try ... More

how to stop crouching in minecraft xbox 360

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Walkthrough. 4. Battle achievements . Now, all you have left to do are the battle achievements. Don't worry, they are extremely easy. All you're going to need are two ... More

how to use kyocera printer

4: Give it a meaningful name, e.g. WBS Staff Printer 5: Use the drop down and choose Select software If step 1 was completed you will find a list of drivers for the Kyocera printers, select Kyocera … ... More

how to stop someone from self harming

Bowlby and Ainsley's theory of the 4 attachment styles in relationships (ambivalent, avoidant, disorganized and secure) explains what we need most in relationships and how to stop self-harming ... More

how to stay heathy during puberty

During your teenage years, you’ll start to menstruate, or get your period, and this leads to loss of iron. If you don’t get enough iron, you can develop anaemia, a condition that can make you feel tired and light-headed and short of breath. Protein is needed for growth and to keep your muscles healthy. Not eating enough protein when you are still growing, or going through puberty, can lead ... More

how to use chalk paint on furniture

Download Image. How To Paint Furniture With Chalk Paint - Dummies Chalk paint can be used to paint almost anything — walls, kitchen cabinets, metal, wood, and even fabric — but the most common use is to give new life to old furniture or to make newer pieces look old. ... More

how to use laptop camera in windows 10

The exact method of enabling and operating the camera varies by computer and camera manufacturer, but you can start by finding the appropriate camera software through the search function on your Windows-based computer. ... More

how to use a megger tdr

Page 1. Time Domain Reflectometers TDR2000/3 - TDR 2000/3P - CFL535G TDR2010 - TDR2050 User Guide For all units released after 2014. If your instrument differs significantly from this guide then please use the guide supplied with your instrument or call technical services for advice. ... More

how to turn off trumotion on lg 4k tv

One reason would be that the TruMotion feature is configured to its OFF setting. The other reason, and probably the more likely, is that this information is a description of the signal that is being received. It is stating that the inbound signal is formatted at 60Hz. In such a situation, it would have no bearing, whatsoever, on the processing being performed by the television, and as such ... More

how to write rose in japanese

薔薇 is the most universal way to write rose (as in the flower) because it is understood in both Chinese and Japanese (same characters in either language). ... More

how to turn on wows replays

Roku enables the user to watch the videos with a lot of advanced features. It enables the user to access thousands of free and paid channels to watch their favorite movies by advances search feature. ... More

how to show somthing visualy in film

to show people something new, or to make something new available, for the first time trot out to make someone appear in public , usually to represent an organization or an opinion ... More

how to use slapback delay

10/03/2017 · yeah, tape delay is great for slapback, because it's slightly modulated by default, it adds richness. if you're playing in stereo, definitely use the stereo tape delay. i go for about 90ms, reduce feedback a bit and just dial in the mix to taste ... More

how to go back to work after being bullied

Girls, 11, kill themselves 'after they were bullied at school for being in love' Madissen Paulsen and Sophia Leaf-Abrahamson called each other "girlfriend" and were struggling with their sexuality ... More

how to tell if plant growing is pot

If not, put your hand over the top of the pot, hold the plant's stem, turn it upside down, tap the bottom of it and slowly pull the pot away from the plant. Once out of the pot, if the plant’s roots are tightly bound, break them up by pulling them away, this will help it grow better. ... More

how to write neatly and fast in cursive

They might write too fast or start answering a question and forget to finish it. Kids who have trouble with their muscles, like those with Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, also could have difficulty writing. ... More

how to use crutches non weight bearing on stairs

I have been on crutches only – I am non-weight bearing and the surgeon says I will be completely non-weight bearing at least another 12 weeks. I cannot have a wheelchair due to the stairs in my apartment, and there are lots of stairs outside as well – none of which have banisters. It is VERY snowy and icy outside and the cement stairs outside my apartment are constantly covered in about 2 ... More

how to start dwarves on very hard

Once I started The Dwarves it was so hard to put down. The Characters, the writing style and the battle scenes were all done just right. For any fan of great fiction, great writing and awesome fantasy. "The Dwarves" is a must. The sequel_"The War of the Dwarves" is due in february 2010. I look forward to that! ... More

how to use caustic soda to unblock outside drains

Never ever use caustic soda to clean sink drains if grease is present! Caustic soda and animal fats combine to make soap! This will cause your drain to block very quickly. Caustic soda and animal fats combine to make soap! ... More

how to take a nude selfie

In the end, I learned that taking a nude can be as simple as snapping a mirror selfie and moving on with my life. But getting creative with it can be a whole lotta fun. But getting creative with ... More

how to watch home vidoes taken on iphone

9/05/2013 · How To Fix and Rotate Any Video Recorded Upside Down - Works for Android, iPhone, iPad, or Tablet PC ... More

how to understand and master the stock market

I have been investing in the stock market for a decade now and I have made more money from stocks than I ever dreamt possible. I have become financially independent because of stocks. ... More

how to make minnie mouse ears stand up on cake

Place a 4" cake layer on a cake board or cake decorating stand. Spread some of the strawberry filling over the cake layer evenly. Spread a layer of whipped cream over the strawberry filling. Place the second 4" cake layer on top. Spread a crumb coat of buttercream over the top and sides of cake … ... More

how to see who is online in a guild wow

I explain how I decided on the guild model and how it works. There is some info on how to find pdfs and volume control on Vimeo and I introduce you to the Online Forum. We have a section called […] There is some info on how to find pdfs and volume control on Vimeo and I introduce you to the Online Forum. ... More

how to stop my gums from bleeding when i brush

Your bleeding gums may be a problem easily corrected with better brushing and flossing. Or, it could be a warning of something more serious such as periodontal or gum disease or even diabetes. So, while common, it is a dental concern that you should take seriously. ... More

how to use arbitrary in a sentence

A writer is called upon to use his own judgment in applying this rule, for too many commas will make a sentence jerky and hard to read: The frame, he insisted, was … ... More

how to turn off door beep on alarm system

6/06/2009 · The doggone warning box beeping (from the wall mounted bedroom receiver) whenever the outside door opening is getting to be more than annoying. The alarm is not active with a monitor service or anything. Does anyone know how to disable this, short of me ripping it off the wall ... More

how to stop payment on coles mastercard

The Mastercard Network . As a processor, Mastercard operates the world's fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses making their payment experience: ... More

how to set up ledger nano s mac

it was all good and then you lost me entirely on the app...please warn people you wil be doing all this on windows...I have absolutley no idea how to ge apps on a mac...I liked everything up to then Im sorry but your leap to the computer has lost me and I have to give you a thumbs down... you were great uo to then. ... More

how to win with cheaters

Powerful Black magic and vashikaran for husband mantra for husband is providing by best astrologer to help you in your marital problem. Many wives face problems of married life with their husband and tolerate rude behavior, struggling with the husband, another woman in the life of the husband. ... More

how to use numbers on mac

The numbers file extension is associated with Numbers, a spreadsheet editing application developed by Apple. Numbers was a part of the iWork productivity suite alongside Keynote and Pages on macOS (OS X), iOS as well as on-line service. ... More

how to use ad plugin for osticket

php -dphar.readonly=0 make.php build This will compile a PHAR file for the plugin directory. The PHAR will be named plugin.phar and can be dropped into the osTicket … ... More

how to turn a number to binary in matlab

I am converting base-10 numbers to base-2 numbers, and specifying the number of bits I'd like to use to represent these base-10 numbers. Here's my code for negative numbers: function output = DTB ... More

how to turn off driver signature enforcement

Hi surfers, I am back with another tutorial to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows 10. Many a times we need to install a driver downloaded from third party sources and windows didn't allow us to install that driver. ... More

kagome and how to train your dragon

Kagome was the village dragon breeder, it was her job to raise the hatchlings. During so she, much to Toothless's annoyance, capture's the village leaders attention. What's a village girl to do with a hatchling, an infatuated village leader and his jealous dragon? ... More

how to see if you have a speeding fine

I have an NIP for a speeding offence, I have asked for the photographic evidence. The police tell me it is a rear view of my van and as such it is impossible to see who the driver is. ... More

how to write numbered musical notation in word

A numbered list in Word is simply a series of numbered paragraphs. There may be times when you want to have a paragraph or two without numbering in the middle of a numbered list and then start the numbering again after the unnumbered paragraphs. ... More

how to use creative cloud

One of the greatest advantages of the new Adobe Creative Cloud is the ability to collaborate more closely with teams, both internally and externally. ... More

how to turn off default call message in amazon connect

On the Xfinity Connect “Voicemail” screen and Xfinity Connect “Call History” screen, you have the ability to block up to 25 unwanted phone numbers. To block a caller, look up their number the “Call History” screen (or the “Voicemail” screen if they left you a voicemail), then click on the options button located on the right of the screen. ... More

how to tell how old a crown mason jar is

The humble Mason jar holds a special place in the home canning tradition. The thick walls of these jars, makes them ideal for canning, and has made it the preferred method of preserving food in many homes. ... More

how to use crepe paper streamers

When deciding how long to cut the crepe paper pieces, add a 1-2 fee to compensate for the gathers! In the picture above, there are two blue crepe paper strips barely overlapping for the back layer. And then I added a blue crepe paper strip over the middle of the two blue strips. ... More

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how to start hand embroidery

To start embroidery business at home one should definitely know what machine embroidery is. The better your mastery, the easier it’s to attract orders. So for starters one need: – learn all the ropes: handling of the machinery (software and hardware), proper use of the supplies (stabilizers, needles), etc.

how to work out litres fridge

To work out the capacity of the cool box measure the inside height, width and the depth and multiply the three measurements, this will give you a cubic volume. Don’t forget your decimal point. Most manufacturers in their technical data rate a specified amount of cubic litres of volume to their units to cool, fridge or freeze.

how to turn off dimensions in autocad

6/09/2010 · Is there a way to set the dimension so that it displays inches only? For example, I dimension an object that has the length of 1'-6". I would like the dimension text to read 18", not 1'-6".

how to use a hand yarn winder

Use the opposite hand to gently direct the yarn involving the yarn swift and the ball winder, because it’s simple for your dye to become caught on among those arms of the swift, inducing the mainly plastic components within the ball winder to breed.

how to become a personal travel agent

See how to become a travel agent. Learn about earnings, job outlook, and job duties. Find out what characteristics you need to succeed as a travel agent. Learn about earnings, job outlook, and job duties.

how to teach backstroke legs

legs must kick quite fast to prevent this, just like freestyle swimming the legs do not contribute much to the propulsion only 4-5 percent the legs keep your body in …

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Ontario: Rocksprings ON, Ashby Mills ON, St. Thomas ON, Athol, Prince Edward County, Kilsyth ON, Thornloe ON, Oldcastle ON, ON Canada, M7A 8L7

Nunavut: Chesterfield Inlet NU, Nanisivik NU, NU Canada, X0A 9H7

England: Bristol ENG, Chester ENG, High Wycombe ENG, Crawley ENG, Stoke-on-Trent ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 6A8

Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 5H3

Scotland: Paisley SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Livingston SCO, East Kilbride SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B5

Wales: Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, Wrexham WAL, Newport WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 7D3